3 top yoga mistakes for newbies

Yoga has so many health benefits, on both a physical and spiritual level, that it would be a disaster for anyone to miss out on them because they started off on the wrong course for them.  This article looks at the 3 most common mistakes of new Yogi, to make sure you get the most from starting your Yoga journey.

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Mistake One:  Not knowing what you actually want from Yoga.

There are so many different styles of Yoga that for a beginner it can be
quite overwhelming. Just ask yourself what it was about Yoga in general that
attracted you and then you can investigate a style that caters more
specifically to that. 

You may like to set goals, be they physical, mental or spiritual. 

Yoga instructors are usually very approachable and happy to talk about
their passion, and these days there are so many resources online for you to investigate.

TLDR Do your research!

Mistake Two:  Jumping in Feet First for a long course.

Having decided that they will give this Yoga thing a try many people
take a running leap and jump in to a 12 month stage by stage class.  These
classes usually require an expensive upfront payment and progress from one
level to the next as the week’s progress. 

Don’t get me wrong, actual classes are a fantastic way of learning Yoga
and becoming very good at it. However it’s quite possible you will choose a
class that is just not for you and then you have wasted your money, and most
likely your enthusiasm.

There are a couple of options here:

One: A drop in class

If you join a Yoga beginner class, also known as a drop in class, this
can be a great way to get a feel for Yoga. Classes like this are specifically designed
to give you a very broad feel for the different types of Yoga.  There will be no high expectations about your
level and performance and usually there are pay as you go options.

With the pay as you go classes you will find that while each class is
different, the level stays quite low to cater for the newer people joining in –
whilst that is not helpful in the long term, it is certainly a great way of
starting off.

Two:  An online Yoga course

The web makes it possible to learn almost anything online, and Yoga is
no exception. Sure you can argue that not having a ‘real life’ instructor, BUT
you can usually purchase an entire online
Yoga course for the price of a one or two ‘real’ classes. This is a great way
of checking out different styles and seeing what fits you best.

Another great thing about online courses is that you can study at your
own pace, no one is forcing you to turn up at a particular time. If one day you
just don’t feel like doing it, it’s no big deal you can just wait until

Online yoga courses are also great for people that might feel a bit self-conscious ‘performing’ in front of a crowd, as studying Yoga online can be done in the privacy of your own home. By the time you have worked through an online course then chances are you will have built up the confidence to go and do Yoga with ‘real people’ 🙂   

Mistake Three:  Choosing the wrong teacher for the long term.

Once you have taken some drop in classes or tried out a few online
courses then it’s probably time to find yourself a teacher for the long term.

Traditionally a Yogi had to be an apprentice to a skilled Guru for many
years before he/she could teach even the simplest of Yoga technique. 
Nowadays a 3-day course over a long weekend is considered enough by some

There is a big difference in what you will achieve depending on the skills and abilities of the person teaching you.  Yoga is starting to make a regular appearance on the sports injury list and a large reason for this is instructors who have been taught just enough to be dangerous. 

A qualified teacher won’t necessarily be fantastic and an unqualified teacher won’t necessarily be terrible – but the odds are certainly cast in that direction, so it’s a good idea to check your instructor’s background and qualifications before you begin studying with them.

So how should you get started as a yoga newbie?

If you search your local sites I’m sure you’ll find some drop in classes
very easily.

If you want to check out some online courses I’ve listed a few below.

Now I’m not going to lie to you – you know how the internet works. If you click on these links and buy one of the programs then I will earn a small commission. You don’t have to buy anything – that’s up to you, and maybe you want to check out some drop in classes ‘in real life’ – whichever works for you best 🙂

If you are interested in buying an online program, and you’re here anyway then I’d appreciate if you did click on my links to do so, I’ve made sure that the courses listed are very good ones!

Shapeshifter Yoga – best value

A very complete program for only $27 all in

Shapeshifter Yoga is aimed at complete beginners and has a focus on body toning and weight loss. It is a complete program for the price of a single lesson in ‘real life’.

The program includes:

  • Get started ebook
  • Shapeshifter Yoga pose video library
  • Shapeshifter Yoga Everyday Flow Follow Along Video
  • Shapeshifter Yoga Pose Manual
  • Shapeshifter Yoga “At A Glance” Wall Charts

Yoga burn – most popular

$37 per month (currently 1st month free – not sure how long that will last for).

Yoga Burn is a hugely popular program designed to melt those lbs away using Yoga. If you’ve been on social media at all this year(!) then I’m sure the name will be familiar to you. The program is HUGE and will keep you going for a very very long time.

You can start with no experience at all and it will take you all the way to expert level (by which time you should be super fit, toned and flexible). This course is designed to keep you going for the long term, but hey if the first month is free why not give it a try?

If you don’t fancy checking out a course just yet, why not sign up to my list and I’ll send you free yoga and fitness resources along with any good deals that I come across J If you sign up today I’ll even give you a free Ebook about the different types of Yoga.

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