Fitbeast pro suspension trainer review

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Suspension trainers are a great way to get a full body workout that you can take with you wherever you go. There are lots of suspension trainers on the market, some of them very expensive, so what makes the Fitbeast Pro Suspension trainer stand out from the rest? Read my review to find out. 

Whats in the box

  • Two suspension straps
  • Single point extension strap
  • Exercise program booklet
  • Carry case
Fitbeast Pro Suspension trainer unboxed

Overview of Fitbeast Pro suspension trainer features

The trainer is very sturdy in its construction. According to the booklet it can take up to 500lbs of weight! Another great feature is that Fitbeast offer a lifetime guarantee when you register the product - which is an amazing bonus (to be fair they are so well constructed, I doubt anyone has ever had to call them up on this).

As you would expect, the straps can be adjusted in length easily, and the handles rotate to ensure that you get a full range of motion when performing exercises like body weight bicep curls. 

What makes the Fitbeast Pro Suspension trainer really stand out for me is that it is made of two separate straps, each with their own doorstops - every other suspension trainer  I have seen has been one single long strap. Why does that matter? It means that being two straps you can use the set up in much less space than other suspension trainers on the market - which is great for me as my hallway is quite small. 

Hanging with the doorstops

The doorstops are extremely large, ensuring that you can trust they will hold firm (and not see you heading for the floor). 

As mentioned there are doorstops on each strap - there is also a doorstop for the separate extension strap. 

Another great feature is that the doorstops have multiple positions that they can be inserted into, giving you even more flexibility about how long / short they are - and therefore the available space that you need to use them.  

Fitbeast pro suspension trainer doorstops

Separate extension strap

The Fitbeast Pro Suspension trainer extension strap allows you to use the equipment where you need more length, for example if you where using it outside in a park and hanging it from a tree or bar.

Fitbeast suspension trainer extension strap

Does it work?

I've been using the Fitbeast Pro Suspension trainer for a good couple of months now and have seen great results. I have a lot of different equipment (free weights, rings etc) and honestly, this is the only piece of equipment I use now. I absolutely swear by it! This kind of body weight training is very accessible at all levels of fitness, and can be taken and use literally anywhere.

Because you work so much of your body at once not only do you build muscle but you burn fat fast!

Being able to do this wherever you like with no gym membership, no expensive equipment is just amazing.

If you're looking for some help with how to workout on these, Dan Long's program is great and sees very quick results.

Suspension trainer hanging from door

Summing up


  • Two strap design is easy to use even in a small space
  • High quality construction
  • A lifetime guarantee
  • A quarter of the price of the most popular brand


  • Foot straps are a little large
  • It wont do the exercises for you...


The Fitbeast Pro Suspension trainer is a superb product oozing quality construction and the unique two strap approach is genius - other suspension trainers on the market have missed a trick there. All of this and price that is about a quarter of the most popular brand names!

Get your Fitbeast Pro Suspension trainer

I cannot think of a bad thing to say about this suspension trainer! 

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  • Quality
  • Build
  • Versatility
  • Price

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