Aevitas Watchwinder review

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I have 2 mechanical watches which really need need constant operation to keep them in the best condition.
To achieve this I rely on mains operated winders to keep then going when not being worn.
Over the years I have tended to buy products at the lower end of the market. False economy, as after 18 months or so they start making a racket or fail to deliver enough power .

After the last failure I decided it was time to get something better, so I decided to try the Aevitas Watchwinder.

The features are:-

2 watches with individual controls for each
Forward, reverse, or both rotation settings
4 Rotation/ rest period settings (950 works for me)

The winder is in a solid wooden case and is totally soundless in operation. My watches are keeping perfect time. Well worth a look if you need a winder as I doubt if it can be bettered.

Yes it costs a little more, but it is worth it for a reliable product. You can buy the Aevitas Watchwinder on Amazon.

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