Blackstar ID Core 20 Guitar Amplifier review

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I bought the Blackstar ID core 20 amp for home use, but I am confident that is pushes out enough volume for smaller venues.

If you are looking for an amp that saves you the expense of buying pedals, this is it!
Let me run through the features of the Blackstar ID core 20 amp.

On the left side of the control panel there are 6 basic sounds available:-
Clean warm
Clean bright
Super crunch
OD1 (US Overdrive)
OD2 (Saturated lead)

Black star amp control panel
The control panel

As the names suggest theses take you from gentle to screaming metal!

In the middle are the usual volume, gain and EQ controls

On the right side of the panel are 3 more effects which can be used with any of the settings above. They are:-
Modulation (Chorus, Tremelo, Flanger, Phaser)
Delay – 4 different options
Reverb – 4 options.

Each of these can be switched on of off independently so you can use all at once or just one or two. A button press allows you to save your choices to use again.

Finally, there is an on line forum where you can exchange ideas with other owners of the Blackstar ID core 20.

In summary an extremely versatile amp with “everything in the box” which will not break the bank.

You can find great prices for the Blackstar ID 20 Core amp on Amazon.

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Summing up

Overall the amp delivers a ton of features at an affordable price


  • Very versatile 
  • Huge array of effects built in
  • Effects can be combined easily
  • Small footprint
  • Powerful despite its size
  • Active forum to discuss getting the most from it


  • Best suited to home use or small venues (not large gigs)
  • If you already have a lot of effects pedals you are basically doubling up


Overall a great all in one amp. If you not playing arenas (just yet) and concentrating on home use/small venues then this amp is perfect. 

Its a great first purchase due to the huge amounts of quality onboard effects, which saves you needing to invest in pedals (this of course is the potential downside if you already have a lot of pedals). 

Its very well priced compared to the 'big brands' and you really are getting a lot of amp for your money. 

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