Cobra’s F Max Superlite irons review

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Are you finding it necessary to hit your irons harder, to get the same results, or are you a golfer who relies on a moderate swing speed perhaps due to advancing years?
If so take a look at Cobra’s F Max Superlite irons which have been designed for you.

Cobra F superlite iron

Cobra F Max Superlite iron features:

  • lightweight construction
  • choice of lightweight shafts in either steel or graphite
  • choice of flex options
  • mid size grips

A word on the midsize grips. I have fairly small hands but love the feel of them whereas according to the “experts” I should be looking at thinner grips. But then, they are not always right and clearly Cobra don’t think so either.

CobraMax superlite iron

Do they work?

I have been using these and am absolutely delighted with them. Easy, smooth swing and away the ball sails. (Please note they are not really for “slashers” though).
I got the standard set but have just added a 5 hybrid which for me complements the standard 5 iron by giving another 10/15yards. In effect adding a 4 iron!

If you want to improve your game the Cobra F range are an excellent choice. Right now you can get a reduced price on the Cobra F Max Superlite irons on Amazon – grab them before they are gone!

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