Fender Blues Junior valve guitar amp review

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In some ways there is not a lot to say about Fender Blues junior valve guitar amp other than it does what is says on the tin.
If you are a fan of the classic Fender Strat blues tones and general warmth this is what you get in spades.

Fender Blues Junior guitar valve amp next to guitar
The fender blues junior vale amp packs a punch for its size (note guitar not included!)

In terms of controls there are the usual base/middle/treble dials and a very tasty reverb control. A switch can be pressed to bring in fatter tones and can be controlled via a foot pedal.

Fender junior blues valve amp control settings
The Fender Blues Junior guitar valve amp controls are clear and easy to use

A very useful feature is a master volume control, so if you want the amp full on you can do this and still have the output at “bedroom” levels.

Think SRV or Hendrix Little Wing. If you are thinking of buying the Fender Blues Junior guitar valve amp, they should mean something to you!

Be aware though that if you are after other effects such as delay, overdrive etc these will need to come from external sources.

Overall the Fender Blues Junior Valve guitar amp is a powerful amp for its size and I’m very glad I bought it. Does it make me play like Hendrix, SRV, Clapton and co? Unfortunately not 🙁 However it does make me sound like them, and I guess I can settle for that…

Summing up


  • Great authentic sound
  • Small footprint
  • Controllable volume without sacrificing sounds
  • Foot switch is easy to use


  • No delay etc built in
  • Overdrive effect is limited
  • Does not automatically make you good at the guitar...


The Fender Blues amp is available on Amazon

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