Pico X sub ohm vape mod review

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The Pico X by Eleaf is a sub ohm vape mod which although small in stature, is big on power. Does it hold up against other mods on the market or is size everything?

Read my review of the Pico X sub ohm vape mod to find out.

Pico X sub ohm vape mod by Eleaf.

Don't like reading reviews and want the TLDR?

Is it any good? Yes, I've been using it for just over three months and its great. Powerful, customisable and fits in the palm of your hand.

And there are currently some great deals on Amazon for the Pico X.



  • Powerful real sub ohm mod
  • Small footprint  - can fit in your pocket
  • Ergonomic design is very comfortable to hold
  • Scratch proof shell
  • Takes a great range of coils
  • Currently very well priced


  • Settings buttons are on the bottom of the mod
  • Some people like to hold a brick...

Breakdown of Pico X key features

As you would you expect from a sub ohm vape mod there are a lot of features under the hood:

  • Suitable for sub ohm coils
  • Variable wattage up to 75 watts (only setting you actually need to use…)
  • Battery life indicator
  • Takes a single 18650 battery
  • Automatic coil resistance detection (ohms)
  • Temperature control
  • Coil material settings (not needed really)
  • Will take a variety of different coils (more on that later)
  • Can even set you own custom conditions including burn time
  • Its got X in the name, so it must be good right?

What’s in the box?

Box contents - PIco X mod, Melo 4 tank (aka Slider 2), 18650 battery (2000 MaH) 0.15 Ohm ML2 coils (one already fitted) and battery cap.
Box contents – PIco X mod, Melo 4 tank (aka Slider 2), 18650 battery (2000 MaH) 0.15 Ohm ML2 coils (one already fitted) and battery cap.

The Pico X vape mod

The mod is incredibly small and fits in the palm of your hand easily (see photo below – note my hands are not giant!). I really like how small it is, it fits in your pocket (just) and so many sub ohm mods are like bricks these days. I didn’t want that, I wanted portable, I wanted subtle – the Pico X certainly delivers on that..

It has a slightly rubberised feel which means it wont slip out of your hand. I’ve been using it quite a few months now and it doesn’t have a single scratch on it – so it is made of hardy stuff.

The Pico X mod is also ‘ergonomically designed’. In practice (as you might be able to see from the photo above) it has two cut away areas. Honestly it does work – it feels absolutely natural to hold it, in fact everyone I have passed it to (having stated how nice it is to hold) exclaims ‘oh yeah!’ as soon as it is in their hands. Very good design!

Picture of hand holding the Pico X vape mod, showing how easily it fits in your hand.
The Pico X fits neatly into your hand with the added benefit of not looking like you are holding a brick!

Pico X vape mod settings

Its a fairly standard 5 click on/off and the button feels sturdy – it is also ergonomic, and very comfortable to use.

The screen is bright and easy to read, and as mentioned above, there are many many settings. To be honest that is not really my thing, but thankfully the default screen (which can be changed should you wish) is the variable wattage, which also displays battery life and the current ohm of your coil. If settings are your thing then it is easy to navigate from screen to screen and by attaching it to your computer you can set custom defaults for everything including how long it fires.

There are ‘up and down’ buttons on the bottom of the mod that allow you to change settings – in my case just turning the wattage up and down as desired. I guess arguably the bottom of the mod is an odd place to put such buttons, however again they are very sturdy and I have never pressed them by accident, equally they are tactile enough that you can use them by feel alone rather than having to turn the mod upside down to look at them.

The tank and coils

The Melo 4 tank is very leak resistant (not had any issues that weren’t my fault) and being a slider tank, is very easy to fill. It screws on the mod with ease.

It comes supplied with ML2 0.15 ohm coils which are flavour and cloud tastic. They are mesh coils (as is the trend these days) but to be fair they last well. Big clouds, loads of flavour and very smooth (even at low wattage – 34-40 watts). In fact its so good I rarely take it over 40 these days.

In terms of replacement coils I personally prefer the EC2 coils from Eleaf, which are also mesh coils with higher ohm (0.3/0.5) but for me that is plenty of clouds. Also these coils are rock solid, they last aaaaaagggessss. As is usually the case these days, it is actually cheaper to buy the EC2 coils from Amazon than direct from Eleaf (go figure). I really rate these coils a lot – they last better than the MLs do (in my opinion) whilst still delivering bags of flavour and clouds.

Picture of melo 4 tank with slider top open ready to fill with e juice
The slider top makes the Melo 4 tank easy to fill


The Pico X is a great little mod, do not be fooled by the size, the is a proper sub ohm mod with all the features that you would expect (and more). It is also currently very reasonably priced – £15 less than when I got it 🙁 coming in at a mere £35.

I have friends with mods that cost twice as much, are twice the size and
they cannot believe the punch it packs. Everyone that has tried it agrees that
it is great (and many have ended up buying one).

  • Do you like sub ohm vaping?
  • Do you like mods with lots of features that are simple to use?
  • Would you rather not pay the earth for a reliable mod?
  • Do you like the idea of having all of that in the palm of your hand (and in your pocket)?

If the answer to the above questions are yes, then do yourself a favour, buy the Pico X from Amazon and thank me later!

Buy the Pico X

This truly is a great little mod, and currently very cheap on Amazon. Get one before they are all gone!

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