Pure Evoke 4 Digital Radio review 2019

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If you're looking for a portable digital radio, the Pure Evoke 4 is a really nice little radio with an abundance of features. 

Its stylish looks will be familiar to anyone that has owned a Pure radio before.

The controls are very straightforward and easy to use and the sound quality is top notch - it really packs a punch for its size.

Pure Evoke 4 digital radio

Pros and cons of the Pure Evoke 4


  • Digital/FM/Bluetooth (will connect to phone/tablet etc)
  • A range of sounds can be selected to mirror you tastes from classical to speech and even rock
  • A headphone jack is provided
  • Alarm and sleep functions
  • Up to 20 stations can be preset
  • There is an analogue input for auxiliary cables
  • Power volume output for its size
  •  2 year guarantee


  • Not the cheapest portable digital radio on the market
  • Battery pack needs to be purchased as an extra 


All in all,  the Pure Evoke 4 is a great little digital radio. Its easy to use, looks good and has excellent sound quality. Yes its a bit on the expensive side, but as with most things, you get what you pay for. Going for a cheaper model is likely to be a false economy. 

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