10 signs you’re in a toxic relationship

You want to be in a relationship, of course – everyone
does. But is it better to be alone than be in a toxic relationship?

Is your relationship actually making your life better or worse? If the answer is worse, why should you settle for that? Don’t
you deserve better?

It can be hard to leave a toxic relationship, I
get it. But if you spot these 10 signs, then you owe it to yourself to think
long and hard about if you would be better off by yourself for a while.

Women looking sad and alone

One: A lack of trust, always.

This can go both ways, either you don’t trust your partner or they don’t trust you. Either way this can drain your spirit, energy and make life miserable.

Two: You’re are the one that has to compromise what you want, always.

Sure all relationships, even the healthiest ones require compromise. But if the compromise is always one sided then this is a sure sign that you are not in a good place.

In fact, if it is always you that has to compromise, this is not compromise at all, its control.

Three: Your partner doesn’t celebrate your successes.

It’s not just when things aren’t going well that
you need support If your partner doesn’t support you in success, perhaps it’s
time to ask yourself why not…

Four: Dismissiveness (is that a word?).

Are either of you
dismissive toward the other? Your interests and projects should be respected.
This works both ways. If you’re dismissive of your partner, your relationship
could be better.

Five: You can’t rely on your partner.

If you can’t count on your partner, who can you
count on? In a healthy relationship your partner should be your rock.

Six: You find being anywhere else more relaxing than being at home.

Are you finding excuses to work late? Are you always looking for ways to avoid being at home? You might not even be doing consciously – but think about it. This is a telltale sign that something is wrong.

Seven: You do not receive or give affection anymore.

There’s a lack of closeness when affection disappears.
Are you still receiving affection? Maybe you don’t actually want to receive it anymore – ask yourself

Eight: You find yourself confiding in others instead of your partner.

When you have something on your mind – who is the first person you tell? If there is a secret you are worried about sharing, is it your partner that you go to?

If you find yourself confiding in friends or even colleagues over your partner, this is not a good sign for your relationship. Your partner should be your best friend and most trusted confidant.

Nine: You don’t feel safe around your partner.

This isn’t really a sign, this is something that
you will already know deep down. Is it worth it?

Ten: You find yourself wondering what it would be like to be in a relationship with other people that you know.

Do you find yourself wishing you could be in a relationship with a friend or colleague instead of with your current partner? Or even just imagining, even for a few short seconds, what it might be like?

If so you need to be honest with yourself about where your relationship is heading.

How did you do?

Hopefully you aren’t recognizing most or any of
these signs in your own relationship (!) But if you are, take the time to think
this through, do not just ignore the signs, as things rarely get better on
their own.

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