How do you treat lower back pain?

Getting diagnosed

As you probably know, back pain is incredibly common, yet it is something that many sufferers struggle to get a diagnosis for from doctors, much less a cure.

Why is that? Well, one thought is that doctors tend to focus on addressing the symptoms of back pain and end up prescribing medicines, rather than looking at the root cause and addressing that.

Obviously one symptom of back pain, is the pain itself – something which is relatively easy to mask with drugs. Also people that suffer with back
pain might have muscles that have gone into spasm due to the severe pain they are experiencing. Again this is something that is ‘easy’ to ‘treat’. Yet this never fixes the problem.

Back pain
Back pain can make life miserable

Don’t get me wrong, doctors are great, but many lack specialist knowledge of the spinal column and central nervous system (that’s why there are specialists in these fields). This means that back pain caused misaligned bones, or other issues with spine might go undiagnosed (because you don’t get referred to a specialist who would pick this up).

A specialist will usually recommend MRI or CT scans which reveal any issues with the spine itself.

Common causes – modern life, sitting still too long or workouts without proper stretching

Many people don’t actually have a serious medical condition that experience issues with their lower back. In a lot of cases there may be simple causes that are related to modern life like spending too long sitting and not doing stretches and exercises. This is a growing problem with so many people spending their working and even non-work life sat in front of a computer all day.

Even people that work out regularly in the gym experience problems because they don’t have the knowledge of how to stretch before and after their work outs properly. This may actually be making their backs weaker, not stronger through poor exercise routines.  

Fortunately these causes are by far the easiest to treat to changes to daily routine and simple stretches and exercises.

What can YOU do to help your lower back pain?

As you would expect these days, there are a quite a few different programs available online that can teach you the right stretches, exercises and daily routines – all of which are considerably cheaper than a visit to a specialist.

Whilst if you think you have a serious medical issues you should definitely seek professional advice, but if you feel that your pain might be caused by your lifestyle, then you could check these out before spending a fortune and see if they help (disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this should not be taken as medical advice! How you address your issues is your choice!).

Fix my back pain

One of the most popular programs to combat this type of back pain is ‘Fix
my back pain
’ by Rick Kaselj. Rick Kaselj specializes in exercise rehabilitation and fitness. He works in one-on-one and group rehabilitation settings, educating and training people who have been injured at work, in car accidents, and during sport activities and is a regular face on fitness TV channels in America.

Over the last few years Rick has created a number of study at home programmes aimed at helping people solve their daily issues with pain, Fix my back pain is among the most popular that Rick has created.

Back pain relief 4 life system

Ian Hart’s pain relief 4 life system focuses on aligning the body and allowing the ‘weak muscles’ not being overtaken by the ‘stronger muscles’, pulling the back out of alignment.

The pain relief 4 life system has testimonials from yoga teachers through to arthritis sufferers on their website.

Back pain breakthrough

The back pain breakthrough program is all about the alignment of the spine and how to correct it. This program actually takes its inspiration from an old drawing of the spine made by Da Vinci!  Not many programs can claim that!

At the moment the back pain breakthrough program has a special offer making it one the cheapest back pain programs to buy right now.

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